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October 6, 2016
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November 5, 2016

The dangers of starch


By current dietary guidelines almost universally starchy foods like rice, cereal, legumes are considered an health food.
Past years health community has acknowledged, that

  • Bread  and rice might not be so good because of
    1. gluten (allergenic effects vary from person to person, almost definitely raises prolactin which is not good in most contexts especially for men)
    2. seed toxins in general
    3. excessive fiber (yeah, almost everyone propagates it as  healthy, but wait, recommended daily intake is around 30 grams, but typical Latvian is eating 60+).
  • Cereals (Kellogg’s as an example) and analogous are terrible because of all points mentioned above plus tonnes of chemical additives
  • Legumes are typically much more allergenic then seed based products and additionally cause:
    1. indigestion
    2. bloating

Its been a different story with starchy root vegetables like potatoes, beets, yams and so on.

Note 1: Starch is a long chain of glucose. Once absorbed in small intestine it is hydrolyzed to monosaccharides and then processed to blood system for absorption by muscle cells, brain, liver and so on.

Note 2: fructose in contrary must be processed and stored by liver.

These root vegetables ar typically propagandized as SUPER HEALTH food by mainstream nutritionists. For example John A. McDougall sometimes calls people “starch eaters” 🙂

Note 3: Monkeys cannot digest starch properly and therefore have to heavily relay on fruits and are forced to live near equator in natural environment. Ability to digest and absorb starch is one of human species evolutionary advantages! Nice mutation, great job evolution!

From anthropological standpoint of course it makes perfect sense. Starches are rich in calories and can be stored for long time. In comparison to hunting and gathering farming is less dangerous and takes less effort in general. By time when people mastered it (Persia, Egypt and others) it gave a huge kick to human development (for example emergence of alphabets, mythologies, pyramids and so on). People got shorter, sicker, with thinner bones and less muscles (look at Egyptian paintings for examples) but populations grow and culture flourished.

For me personalty: I want to be strong and healthy. I am not worried about human race development in general 🙂 And I believe that healthy Maris Dargis will contribute to society more than sick one. Therefore I tried to dig deeper into heath foods and examined Ray Peat analysis on starches.

Very short recap of starch drawback analysis from podcastThe Ten Most Toxic Things In Our Food Full” (old scientific studies are examined in it by Ray Peat: “):

  • Corn/Potato/Vegetable starch test: blood sample was drawn periodically. Within 10-15 minutes after drinking sample unprocessed starch palettes they were found in the blood stream! For some grains diameter was 100 microns across: same size as ingested! 10 times as wide as cells that cover the intestine. Cells turn out to be quite flexible. Starches in blood stream can plug arteries. After 15-30minutes urine was tested. Same unprocessed starches where showing up in urine.. they got thru kidney organelles. Later starch was found in the bile. After one hours starch was found in cerebral spinal fluid.
  • Mice experiment with specific starch overfeeding: every organ contained areas where cells where killed by plugging arteries. Accelerated aging process by damaging organs! Caused heart disease.

Conclusion: starches might just not be as good as they are proclaimed and might just be quite dangerous!

For alternative food sources please check this article: Ray Peat diet for Latvian.

Maris Dargis

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