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September 10, 2016
Sauna water test repeated
September 20, 2016

Sauna and water weight test


Just tested how much water weight you can lose quickly by going to sauna. Lately my morning weight is around 91.5kg. On Friday morning I was 91.6. I went to gym that day and was eating meals worth around 5500kcal so my weight on Sunday morning was 93.3. On Sunday extra to everything else I ate 5kg fruit ( > 6kg total weight) of raw watermelon which mostly consists of water. My weight before sauna was 94.3. After 30minutes of sweating in sauna my weight drop to 93.7 🙂 which I instantly  refiled by using 4% fat milk :D. In sauna my hart rate rise to ~145 rpm.. but I was already feeling dizzy. When I do sports I typically get dizzy only on hart rate > 165. It was really hot in myfitness sauna today. I was hoping that I will be able to “sweat rivers”, but unfortunately it dit not  worked out. I feel that my blood flow is not perfect at all and my pores are kind of cloaked/chocked. One of slowish metabolism causes maybe? I will repeat this experiment few times because anyhow there are great health benefits to sauna. Will measure not only my hart rate by core temperature as well. May be better strategy would bet to sit bit lower and then my hart would allow to sit bit longer? Will try that out. Also I want to try to lose around 2 kilograms water-weight this way just for a sake of testing. If I have extra 2 liters of watermelon water with me then this should not be a problem if I lose it in sauna… !? 😀

Maris Dargis

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