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October 22, 2016
Cold water exposure
Cold water exposure
November 9, 2016

Body measurements for health evaluation

Body measurements
Body measurements

Body measurements

In October I wrote an article about thyroid (metabolism) and how it could contribute to general health and sense of wellness and well-being. “Problem” that I am facing constantly is: how to measure your health? We can take different actions to improve it, there are instant effects, ones that show themselves in few weeks and ones that take longer time to develop. Example could be 180 degree change in diet from raw vegan diet to Ray Peat style one. Energy from more caloric foods would show immediately. Lower fiber content would prevent constipation in few days. Extra  protein would aid in muscle growth and recovery and would be noticeable in several weeks. Beneficial hormonal adaptations, for example, lower cortisol and higher testosterone  would kick in instantly but could take a months to fully develop. Whole body is rebuild within few years from food that we eat after all. I guess ultimate measurement is life expectancy and subjective average sense of well-being. So in addition to frequent blood tests which I am taking and will cover in separate article, I started to do different daily body measurements in order to get better understanding on how different lifestyle and dietary choices affect my body short and long term. Below you can see my diet aggregates for three months. Focus was on reducing fiber and polyunsaturated fats (in my opinion over-consumption of both is  important contributor to and disease aging in general):


In September I was experimenting with eating a lot of honey 🙂 In October I decided to cut out eggs and olive oil. 90% of my fat intake was from beef, cheese and coconut oil.

More detailed breakdown (for single week: past one):

Weekly nutrients

Table in which my daily measurement results (and few more stats) are aggregated by months:

 Name Aug.2016 Sep. 2016 Oct. 2016  Description
 Morning weight 91.07 92.7 94.03  Before eating
 Morning hart rate 56.55 58.5 59.83  In bed
 Morning body temperature 36.02 36.22 36.25 Armpit
 Waist min. 79.96 80.66 79.78  Narrowest place and dragged in
 Waist max. 94.63 95.56 95.63  Widest place and pushed out
 Bicep 37.75 39.11 39.13  Flexed
 Bench press 95 97.5 100 Max. weight that I can lift 6 times.
 Shaving 9  Times a month
 Cut nails 3  Times a month
Skin rashes 3.49  Subjective. Scale 0-5 where more is better
Flexibility 28.2  Just started, will explain later

As you can see from my body measurements I am not getting much leaner.. but I am getting bigger and stronger! 🙂 My metabolism is getting faster (increased morning hart rate and body temperature)! I am really happy about that!  It indicates, that mostly likely my dietary and lifestyle change was good! At least mid-term! Other metabolism metrics: shaving and nail cutting intervals need more data to be evaluated. Weight is subject to heavy daily fluctuations and must be taken daily for meaningful analysis. Skin rashes will serve as one of inflammation markers in future. In my opinion body measurements like that provides good, unbiased metrics for health evaluations and cost basically nothing! I am 100% confident that such scrupulous analysis can provide us deep insight into our own bodies and  enable us to take control of own health (take it back form doctors and dietitians).

Maris Dargis

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