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Body measurements update (November)
December 4, 2016

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Hello my dear readers!

I was quite busy lately: not time for sports, no time for blogging. But it was a good test! As you can see from table below -> there is significant fall in all important metrics. I was not focusing on eating clean food and doing just minor home training with dumbbells these past few months. It was quite stressful time also. I felt that I made a huge spiritual jump in understanding myself and universe as a whole so nothing is lost.  Let’s see how fast I will get back on-track!

Updated measurement table:

Name Description Aug.2016 Sep. 2016 Oct. 2016 Nov. 2016 April. 2017
Morning weight Before eating 91.07 92.7 94.03 93.63  99
Morning hart rate In bed 56.55 58.5 59.83 63.16  N/A
Morning body temperature Armpit 36.02 36.22 36.25 36.22  N/A
Waist min. Narrowest place and dragged in 79.96 80.66 79.78 78.43
Waist max. Widest place and pushed out 94.63 95.56 95.63 94.46  105
Bicep Flexed 37.75 39.11 39.13 39 38
Bench press Max. weight that I can lift 6 times. 95 97.5 100 100 85 *
Shaving Times a month 9 8 N/A
Cut nails Times a month 3 3 N/A
Skin rashes Subjective. Scale 0-5 where more is better 3.49 2.98 N/A
Flexibility Just started, will explain later 28.2 27.33 N/A

Photo from today’s workout:

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Maris Dargis

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