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KPV LV office work

August 13, 2018 Politics 0

Work in KPV LV office: Iveta Benhena-Bekena, Elita Lazda, Bea Jonite.  

Debate with Andris Kivics about KPV LV party programme

July 31, 2018 Politics 0

Discussion between KPV LV political candidates Andris Kivics, Maris Mozvillo and Maris Dargis about party programme. Z-Scars leader Andris Kivičs is a very popular celebrity in Latvia. Interviews with him regularly appear in Latvian media and paparazzi loves him. He also hosts Latvian TV programme. Place:  

Political party KPV LV press conference 25.06.2018

June 25, 2018 Politics 0

Political party KPV LV press conference 25.06.2018. Participants from KPV LV political party: Artus Kaimins,  Aldis Gobzems, Atis Zakatistovs. Entrepreneur, how was also held two days under custody and now released: Viesturs Tamuzs KPV LV web page: http://kampiedervalsts.com Place: