June 20, 2018 Politics 0

KPV LV meeting with voters at Ikskile on 20.06.2018. Presentation and speeches were delivered by:

1) KPV LV co-charmain Linda Liepina

2) KPV LV prime minister candidate Aldis Gobzems

3) KPV LV Jekabpils municipality deputy Kaspars Girgens

4) KPV LV  Jelgava district municipality deputy Ralfs Nemiro

Crowd was warm and welcoming. Meting presentation was held in shadow of resent temporary arrest of KPV LV leader Artuss Kaimins.


Ikšķile (German: Uexküll; Livonian: Ikškilā; Estonian: Üksküla) is a town in Latvia, the administrative centre of Ikšķile municipality. It was the first capital of the Roman Catholic Bishopric of Livonia, known by the German name of Üxküll. Saint Meinhard, known from the Livonian Chronicle of Henry, was the first bishop of Üxküll. In 1197 Berthold of Hanover, a Cistercian abbot of Loccum, was made the second bishop of Üxküll. (c) Wikipedia