June 20, 2018 Politics 0

On Wednesday, Saeima (parliament of the Republic of Latvia) supported the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office for the prosecution of Artus Kaimins (KPV LV).

59 of 100 voted for the decision, no one abstained or voted against.

Artus Kaimins said that journalists now have more information than him.

“I will be arrested immediately, I do not know anything,” Artus Kaimins said to reporters.

As confirmed by the “KPV LV” prime minister candiate, lawyer Aldis Gobzems, the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) is currently conducting an investigation on the businessman Viesturs Tamuzs. Atis Zakatistovs also involved in prosecution process.

Gallery of press conference lead by KPV LV co-chairmans Linda Liepina and Aldis Gobzems:

KPV LV web page: http://kampiedervalsts.com