June 18, 2018 Stories 0

We first landed at Ukunda Airstrip where we took a Uber to Doric Cottages around Diani. The temperature was quiet hotter than for Nairobi, Actually for me that was pleasant. We just stayed indoor in our first two days and learn bit of swimming. On that second day a we had more guest probably they were Indians, That night they partied the whole night by the pool while swimming and playing laud music, It was a bit disturbing but we hold on to them, the nest day we could not even swim at the pool since it was in mess so we decided to go to the seashore.

It was our third day on our way to the seashore we found some hookers who persuaded us to buy saddles which we were really not interested with since both of us had saddles but the kept on following us which made us bit worried forcing us to pause so they could leave us alone but funny enough they paused too. Enough of the game we decided to continue with our journey to the seashore.

On our way we pictured moneys, At the shores different people some were sun bathing other swimming by the waves some just sat down to stare and some hooking, We took walk by the shore sides at first I was a bit afraid of the waves, We discovered that there was a separated place where mostly white guys where sunbathing, we decided to join them only to find out that it was a private beach forcing us to move fro the separated beach, Just bellow then we found a lonely place where we sat while my partner went to swim while I tried to capture pictures of boats and of him, A while later a guy brought some ‘madafu’ coconuts water which we bought. After then we went back to our cottage where we captured a spider feeding on a butterfly.

That evening we passed by the store where we bought several foodstuffs and later on went back to our room. That night we google place which we could tour the next day and we decide that we could visit Columbus Conservation which was several miles from our place. That day at Columbus Conservation we learnt different types of monkeys and problems they encounter and how they came up with several measures to make sure that the monkeys at least had zero problems. We captured several monkeys and even a Holbein bird.

Our forth day at the coastal region we just stayed in door working on the images we had captured so far. The fifth day we visited Mombasa Forty Jesus. Since Mombasa is an island surrounded by Indian Ocean there are three ferry used in transporting people and vehicles from one end to the other. There was a little traffic by the ferry loading since it was very hot staying in the car we decided to get the cool breeze from the ocean where my partner decide to take pictures of the surrounding and even the ferry, We were noted not to take any pictures tho there was no any sign that was placed to indicate that it was illegal to take pictures from that place,

On the other side after using the ferry we took some pictures of the ferry which came out clearly showing people and vehicles boarding the ferry, In Forty Jesus we paid the entrance fee and got in,from the history the building was build 250years ago where fighters could hide and target there enemies from far ,we took several picture of ourselves and some of the machines which where used in holding and directing guns, It was about midday so we passed by a hotel where we took lunch and later on proceeded to Haler Park.

Just by the entrance we a big tortoise which was feeding on the grass ,we captured several pictures of it and proceeded there office where we paid entrance fee and we were then given a tour guide who showed us around. We first visited crocodile poll where some were laying in the water while some were bursting on the sun ,we captured few pictures then proceeded to snakes where we saw different types of snakes and even tortoise having fun, We captured several animals in the park ie monkeys ,antelopes hippopotamus in the water, ‘warthock’ and several birds.

On our way back to our cottage while at Mombasa my partner decided to offer some cash to the beggars where we dropped him only to be harassed by a police woman for breaking the law of obstruction and forced our driver to drive to the police station even after pleading with her to give him the last chance till he gave her some cash and she left us,

by Anonymous traveler