May 5, 2017
Back to gym

Back to gym and measurements update (April)

Hello my dear readers! I was quite busy lately: not time for sports, no time for blogging. But it was a good test! As you can […]
December 4, 2016
In the gym

Body measurements update (November)

My body measurements November 2016 update (no hints or revelations in this post, just a regular diary entry). Eating based on Ray Peat principles. Sadly, I […]
November 20, 2016
Body temperature measurements

Body temperature measurement tips and tricks

Dear readers.. As you all now, recently I am quite engaged in metabolism optimization and having quite some difficulties identification of good metrics for progress evaluation. […]
November 9, 2016
Cold water exposure

Cold water exposure

Past Sunday I was participating in hardening, cold exposure event in Riga Babelitis lake. Weather was very nice, snowy.. not very cold, just few degrees minus […]
November 5, 2016
Body measurements

Body measurements for health evaluation

In October I wrote an article about thyroid (metabolism) and how it could contribute to general health and sense of wellness and well-being. “Problem” that I […]
October 22, 2016

The dangers of starch

By current dietary guidelines almost universally starchy foods like rice, cereal, legumes are considered an health food. Past years health community has acknowledged, that Bread  and […]
October 6, 2016

Nutritional profile for a Latvian – a Ray Peat inspired approach

Ray Peat inspired diet. My version using products, that are freely available in Latvia. Draft version, just most important concepts, without references yet: Morning routine: Coconut […]
September 20, 2016

Few pictures from Instagram account

Random pictures (   #gangster #gangsta #mafia A photo posted by Maris (@maris.dargis) on Sep 18, 2016 at 6:08am PDT #run #werunriga2016 #running 😎 A photo […]
September 20, 2016

Sauna water test repeated

Today I tested water weight loss in sauna again (sweating). Weighted before (93.7 and after 93.2!) If we take into consideration, that I drink 0.75L water […]
September 10, 2016

Sauna and water weight test

Just tested how much water weight you can lose quickly by going to sauna. Lately my morning weight is around 91.5kg. On Friday morning I was 91.6. […]
September 10, 2016

Oysters for better metabolism

Hello dear readers. As you know from previous posts lately I am focusing on increasing my metabolism (thyroid function and metabolism overall). One of the ways […]
September 4, 2016

Mushrooming in Lilaste (Latvia forest)

Today spent great day hunting for mushrooms in Lilaste forest. It seams that according to modern science mushrooms are quite good for health also. In parallel […]